Residential Forest School

Bushcraft courses

camp fire

Our course leaders are experienced bushcraft leaders and can tailor each course to the age and skill range of the members. Based around a campfire, skills will include

Shelter building,

Fire lighting, (including friction fire lighting)

Plant and Tree Identification,

Map Reading,

Water collection, storage and purification.

Wild Food Chicken of the woods

Cooking over a Camp Fire,

Camp Craft,

Nature Awareness,

Bow and Arrow making

Stalking Games.

For up to 6 participants the daily fee will be £250 shared between the participants. Between 6 and 12 the fee raises to £400 shared between the participants as a second leader will be provided,

Ofsted recently confirmed that well planned activities outside the classroom not only enhances pupils learning but can also re-engage those children who are hard to motivate.